Better Scrum Through Essential Cards

Project Management
Scrum Inc     •     Tue, 05 Feb 2019 02:16:56 +0000
Over the years, I have heard from many teams the need for a tool that helps accelerate the learning and the application of Scrum. Scrum Essential Cards, capture the key ideas behind Scrum, providing…
Project Management Resources     •     Tue, 02 Apr 2019 14:30:24 +0000
Anyone who tells you, with 100% certainty, what 2019 will look like at the start of the year is bonkers. The best we can do is to recognize that the seed of each new year was planted in the previous…
MPD – Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant     •     Tue, 02 Apr 2019 18:22:09 +0000
We have many words for people who shepherd the business value of a product. The many words aren’t a problem, as long as we can all agree on what these various people are and they take responsibility…

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