Disney+, Notre Dame Donations Spark a Backlash, and Mihir’s New Book!

Chief Operating Officer

HBR.org     •     2019-04-24T19:44:12Z
Youngme, Felix, and Mihir discuss the upcoming launch of Disney’s new streaming service (Disney+), as well as the backlash sparked by billionaires pledging money to repair Notre Dame Cathedral. They…
HBR.org     •     2019-04-24T15:25:30Z
World-renowned economist Mariana Mazzucato discusses the role of the state as a value creator and how we can apply mission-oriented models of innovation to solve today’s burning challenges.
The views…
HBR.org     •     2019-04-24T13:00:35Z
A study explored new ways to help stressed-out workers.
HBR.org     •     2019-04-24T12:05:01Z
Hobbies count.


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