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Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer

HBR.org     •     2019-05-16T21:19:05Z
Do you want the corner office someday? Dan and Alison answer your questions with the help of Mike Troiano, a venture capitalist and former executive. They talk through what to do when you’re falling…
HBR.org     •     2019-05-16T17:19:40Z
Results from a program in Connecticut.
HBR.org     •     2019-05-16T15:00:42Z
Different people need to access technology in different ways.
HBR.org     •     2019-05-16T14:15:00Z
Former Facebook and Instagram employee Giancarlo Pitocco explains how the attention economy has created a mental health and productivity crisis — and how we can begin to reclaim our valuable time and…
HBR.org     •     2019-05-16T13:00:34Z
New research finds that the timing of commercial kitchen inspections affects their results.