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One of the biggest questions I get about agile is:

Where do I go from here?

Succeeding with agile isn’t just about knowing where to start, it’s about knowing where to go next—wherever you are on…

LeadingAgile     •     Tue, 02 Apr 2019 16:30:58 +0000
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In order to achieve business Agility, Agile has to be applied in a certain context. You have to be able…

Herding Cats     •     2019-04-06T16:22:56-06:00
In a recent exchange in social media, it was clear the notion of risk and the sources of risk, the consequences or risks and managing in the presence of risk was in very unclear, when it was…
MPD – Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant     •     Mon, 08 Apr 2019 15:31:43 +0000
In an ideal agile world, the team would work directly with a customer. When you have a small product that serves maybe three types of customer (new, expert, admin for example), and that customer is…

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