How to Win With Personalization (When 73% of Consumers Expect Customized Customer Experiences) With Amey Shivapurkar From Avionos [AMP 208]

Chief Marketing Officer

Research shows that 73% of consumers expect brands to personalize and tailor online experiences to meet their needs. It feels weird when websites don’t give people what they want and expect. Personalization matters for your business, even in difficult times. Today’s guest is Amey Shivapurkar, an experienced optimization SME at Avionos. Amey helps clients create data-driven experiences that deliver business outcomes. He talks about how personalization isn’t always easy, but worth considering for marketers to maximize CRO, create meaningful results, and drive user experiences. [podcast_motor_player] Some of the highlights of the show include: Personalization: Relevant products, services, content …

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