Reopening the Economy: CEO Coaching International Hosts Live Webcast with Expert on How CEOs Should Prepare for the Economy’s Reopening and Employees

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CEO Coaching International Delivers Information on The Most Likely Scenarios for Reopening the Economy and The Steps Businesses Should Take to Prepare Now

MIAMI, Fla., April 17, 2020 — CEO Coaching International, the leading firm for coaching growth-focused CEOs and entrepreneurs globally, delivered a webcast with Leslie Michelson, CEO of Private Health Management and author of The Patient’s Playbook. The webcast, viewed by hundreds of CEOs and business leaders around the world, provided the most updated information on COVID-19, the impact to the economy, and how CEOs should prepare for the coming reopening.

The webcast included a specific focus on the details and challenges associated with companies re-opening their offices and other business locations, including:

  • When and where reopening will begin
  • What it will look like
  • What employers need to do
  • What the risks are
  • How long will it take to get back to the “old normal”

CEO Coaching International has been providing weekly webcasts for the business community, enabling CEOs and entrepreneurs to make better decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic. CEO Coaching International gathered experts from banking, personal finance, and healthcare to create impactful live events and resources that enable CEOs and entrepreneurs to lead through this crisis.

The available webcasts include:

“Times of uncertainty require resiliency and fast decision-making,” said Mark Moses, CEO and founder of CEO Coaching International. “Our commitment to the business community remains focused on how to lead, even in a crisis.”

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